The best vegan and vegetarian Christmas recipes –

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Meat-free doesn’t have to mean fun-free
Vegan? Vegetarian? Gluten free? If you need some mouth-watering recipe inspiration this Christmas, we’ve got you covered. From the classic hearty nut roast to microwaveable fudge, (yes, we are pronouncing it like Nigella does) there’s quite *literally* something for everyone. Here are 15 of our favourite vegan and veggie Christmas recipes that you can tuck into while enjoying this season’s first (or 12th) viewing of Love Actually.
A plant-based spin on the much-loved classic. These vegan (and gluten free!) dauphinoise potatoes look and taste like the ultimate comfort food on a lazy winter day. They’re absolutely full of flavour and will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
We recommend you make a batch of these babies and freeze them for your veggie guests. Or, eat them all in one go. They’re unbelievably moreish, trust us.
You truly cannot have Christmas without Christmas pudding. This vegan take on the classic British dessert means everyone can join in on the tradition, and you literally won’t be able to tell the difference. Rich, fruity, and a hug in a pud, it’s also nice and boozy, which is obviously a big plus.
It’s definitely debatable whether Yorkshire puds belong on a Christmas dinner. Whether you do or don’t have these fluffy pieces of heaven on your festive feast, this gluten free and vegan recipe is a winner anyway.
Halloumi is literally the ultimate comfort food, and these veggie versions of pigs in blankets are yummy af. Wrapped in aubergine instead of bacon, and infused with lemon zest and juice, they’re really easy to make and look incredible.
Serves 2? You definitely won’t want to be sharing this piece of puff pastry heaven. Veggie comfort food at its finest, the sweet and savoury combo will win over any guest.
Just look at that crispy golden brown pastry. This wellington roast is full of vegan goodness and is the perfect meat substitute for the festive season.
If you’re struggling to find a vegan main course this Christmas, this mushroom hotpot is a showstopper. Stuffed with a rich veggie filling and topped with satisfyingly crisp potatoes, your tummy and your heart will feel full.
You can never go wrong with a bit of trusty cauliflower cheese, but this veggie main is definitely a game-changer. Crisp on the outside and gooey on the inside, this is a perfect meaty alternative.
When dripping in gravy, this vegan nutroast is a delight to even the most committed of carnivores. Infused with garlic and rosemary and a generous amount of salt and pepper, it’s hearty, delicious, and simple.
Beetroot is definitely an underrated veg. It’s so versatile and tastes amazing, and this tart is definitely a 10/10. Just look at those colours.
Cinnamon is literally the smell of Christmas. It’s warm, peppery, and woody, and is the perfect spice to cook with when it’s cold outside. These cupcakes are even decorated with little Gingerbread men which makes the recipe even cuter.
When things are mini it just makes everything so much more fun. Cook these little guys for a small starter, or serve them as part of your Christmas dinner – they’ll definitely go down well.
If you’re short on time but need to rustle up a quick dessert, you can literally make this fudge in under five minutes. There are a variety of flavours you can try out, too, including Bailey’s cheesecake and rocky road.
This is a more avant-garde take on the traditional nut roast, but it’s just as tasty nonetheless. Packed with pistachios, cranberries, red wine and a bunch of seasoning, you’ll wish you had tried it before.


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