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The holy month of Ramadan is around the corner. The month is of immense significance for those who follow Islamic faith. It is said to be the most pious month in the Islamic calendar, as it was in this month that the Holy Quran was revealed to Prophet Mohammad. Ramadan is celebrated across the world. Ramadan in India begins in the evening of 12th April and would end of 12th May. During the auspicious month of Ramadan, Muslim people all over the world observe fasts from sunrise to sunset. 

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When Is Ramadan And Meethi Eid 2021?

This year, Ramadan would begin from 12th April. The Eid-Al-Fitr begins on the evening of 12th May and ends on 13th May. The dates are tentative, it may change depending upon the position of Moon.

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Significance of Ramadan:

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Ramadan is the time of heightened devotion and worship. It is also a time for deep introspection. In addition to fasting, which is a symbol of the spirit of sacrifice, people are also encouraged to harbor feelings of kindness and charity during this time. It is said that during the holy month of Ramadan, gates of heaven are always open, and demons are locked in chains.

People consume ‘Sehri’ before sunrise that includes all rich, energy-boosting foods. Then upon sunset, they gather together after offering their prayers to the almighty for ‘Iftar’. It is said that Prophet Mohammad consumed dates and water upon completion of his fast, hence a lot of people keep a bunch of dates for evening.

Nowadays, Iftar parties have become quite sensation. If you are planning a small get-together this time, here are some easy recipes that will definitely come in handy.

1. Sheer Khurma: This milk and vermicelli pudding is a festive staple that you cannot miss in your spread. You can choose the consistency of the desert, keep it thick or thin, but make sure you do not skip the nuts. They are essential for the added crunch. Here is the recipe.


Ramadan 2021: Sheer Khurma is a delicious dessert

Ramadan 2021: Sheer Khurma is a delicious dessert
2. Shahi Tukda: This milk and bread pudding has all it takes to be a showstopper. It is not overtly sweet, has the perfect balance of flavour and texture. Make this uncomplicated Iftar classic at home with this recipe.

shahi tukda

Shahi Tukda is a yummy bread pudding

Shahi Tukda is a yummy bread pudding
3. False Ka Sharbat: This sweet beverage is made with a unique fruit that is only available during this season. Falsa or Phalsa is a tarty berry that looks very similar to blueberry. It is renowned for its cooling properties. Click here for recipe.

4. Zarda Pulao: Thought no rice dish could come quite close to biryani when it comes to festive indulgence. Well, think again. Rice cooked with nuts, rose water and saffron essence, this zarda pulao recipe is as rich as it gets.

5. Nihari: This hearty stew is usually made with juicy pieces of mutton. It is renowned for its hot spice combination and light consistency. It goes best with sheermal. Find the recipe here.


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Ramadan Mubarak everyone.

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