Oatly milks meta marketing trend once again by taking over Wall Street twice – The Drum

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Swedish food brand Oatly has served up a typical platter of eye-catching, head-scratching, text-heavy out-of-home (OOH) creative advertising to New Yorkers, but in a twist, the company revealed it’s the same campaign that already ran over Christmas which nobody saw.
Back in mid-December Oatly took over the Wall Street subway station with a series of ads touting its products. The trouble was most city dwellers were on vacation those last couple of weeks in the run-up to Christmas.
Capitalizing on this, the dairy milk-alternative brand decided to get a little ‘meta’ and let passersby know that while they were having some much-deserved time off they missed the campaign. Each of the ‘new’ ads is a photograph of the old creative with text sprawled over the top stating: ‘While you were away for the holidays, this ad ran here.’
Oatly is no stranger to honing in on meta marketing. Only last year it created an ad-within-an-ad-within-an-ad-within-an-ad-within-an-ad-within-an-ad-within-an-ad-within-an-ad-within-an-ad in one single video.

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