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Go out and get fresh air everyday, even if that means a walk around the block. Bodies are made to move, not stay static. If you are in a big, quiet park like Tibbetts in Yonkers or Saxon Woods don’t wear a mask unless you are allergic to something in the park. You want to get fresh air in your lungs. Even in the cold, crack the windows open in your house or apartment to let fresh air come in.
Many gyms have good deals right now. Look for a less crowded gym or go at off hours. Your mask must cover your noise and throat. And we need synchronization between rules in Westchester and New York City and frankly the rest of the state. It can’t be that I have to show my Vaccination Card over the Westchester line in the Bronx but in Westchester I need to be masked up with no need to show vaccination cards. We need uniformity in rules otherwise everyone will go nuts.
If we want to end this pandemic, workers in Westchester should have to show they are fully vaccinated to work. Customers must to protect the workers show proof of vaccination just like they do in New York City to enter a restaurant. Nobody likes doing this, but it keeps both employees and customers safe.
The folks that own Ridge Hill should open the Main Street that runs through the complex. It’s impossible for handicapped people to park near the destination they are going to. The road was closed to allow for tables and chairs outside during the summer for al fresco dining. Too cold now. Ridge Hill ‘tear down those gates’ that block access to stores from the Apple Store to just in front of TJ Maxx by vehicle, and add more handicapped parking!
If you picked up one of those Covid tests at the Office of Emergency Management on Saw Mill River Road or in Mount Vernon or other municipalities that offered them, save the test for when you have symptoms. Don’t just use it because you have it. Be careful and report to the Attorney General’s office companies that price gouge you for getting tested. These services should be available free of charge at State, County and Local Government facilities.
I’ll have more tips for you next week. If you have a tip you think I should include you know how to reach me. If we all work together, things will get better and back to normal sooner than you think.
Happy, Healthy New Year my friends!
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