For Sale: Classic Wildwood Sign and Hammonton Devil's Dress –

Thank you, Facebook, for keeping us occupied and amused!
In the last 24 hours, a couple of pretty neat and pretty different things have been brought to my attention. Both happen to be offered for sale on Facebook.
First, we head down the Parkway to Wildwood as a bit of history is about to go by the wayside. And by wayside, I mean the curb – as in trash.
It's an iconic Wildwood Motel Sign!
According to a post on a Wildwood Facebook site, the "Lu Fran Motel Sign" is offered for sale – otherwise it's going to the scrap heap. Here's what the post says on the Wildwood 365 Community page:
"This Iconic sign has less than one week before ending up in a dumpster. Contractor, Chris Miller, who owns his own company, M and M, would love to see it saved, just as I do. Price $2000.00 or best offer. Original owner was selling it for $5000.00. Please spread the word so the memories of the Lu Fran Motel will live on for another 50 years and beyond."
Kind of sad, right?
For our other Facebook gem, we fly up to Hammonton where a woman's dress is for sale. The seller claims that the woman who wore the dress "may or may not be the devil."
Here's what the seller of the dress has to say on the Facebook page, Hammonton Online Yard Sale:
"I don’t believe it has any evil powers or anything, but I’m not gonna say it don’t. Buyer beware. It was worn once to a wedding, which ended in a divorce. None the less, I have no idea what it’s worth. Not sure if it’s 30 bucks or 300, beings she picked it out and I paid for it, I’m sure it closer to 300. I’m asking 50.00."
You can check out the dress here.
Thanks Facebook!
If you see "different" items for sale, please alert us! Send an email to: [email protected]


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