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For decades traditional buffets of bite-sized filo pastry finger foods and vol-au-vents were classic staples for Yuletide gatherings.
But a new survey on office and family Xmas snacks post Omicron high-alert have left hors d’oeuvres ditched due to Covid-19.
A whopping 63 percent of UK adults have vowed they will give finger foods a wide berth at their Christmas parties this December.
While 58 percent said they would be seriously anxious if buffet-style finger foods were laid out for them on arrival at social venues this year.
Yet the seasonal savoury party favourites are not alone in being cast aside going missing from the menu over cleanliness worries
Communal cucumber and carrot sticks, breadsticks and shared dips like hummus are also causing significant concern.
While bowls of nuts, crisps, olives, twiglets and other sharing snacks are also set to receive the Christmas cold shoulder.
The study found almost a quarter (24 percent) of Britons will ask visiting relatives to sanitise before, during and after Christmas get-togethers.
The study of 2,023 adults was carried out by leading hygiene solutions provider, INEOS Hygienics – whose Sanitiser/Moisturiser kills 99.9 percent of viruses and bacteria.
George Ratcliffe, Chief Operating Officer of INEOS Hygienics, said: « We are facing a dilemma this festive season over what to feed guests, or what food to expect if you’re visiting relatives or heading off to the office party.
« Finger foods have long been a popular but now people are more mindful of passing on viruses to loved ones and colleagues.
« Hand hygiene is an essential tool in protecting ourselves and those around us. »
According to the study, other dishes which we wish to dodge at festive get-togethers are bowls of popcorn, salads and sliders.
Even the ever-popular antipasti boards are considered inappropriate or risky now, despite 85 percent of us offering them to guests pre-pandemic.
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Instead Britons are getting creative when it comes to hygienic hosting, with packets of crisps being laid out individually for guests this Yule Tide.
While cheese and pineapple of individual sticks will also be offered by 20 percent of party hosts.
Sadly the more cautious are set to scrap offering food completely and simply serve drinks at their soirees instead.
One in seven (14 percent) have already officially been informed that ‘finger foods’ are off their work Xmas party menu this Yuletide.
As a solution, one in five of us would be happy to bring their own snacks and nibbles to the Christmas party.
A third of us will ask guests to sanitise their hands on arrival. Overall, 15 percent said their « first priority » was keeping friends and family safe in the festive season.
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