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The month of December means Christmas is about to come. This festival is all about home decoration, Christmas tree, stars, bells with fairy lights and tasty and delicious cakes.
There are many traditional food items all over the world associated with this occasion. So, if you want to do something different this year Christmas, then here’s the list of some traditional food items for Christmas.
Traditional foods of Christmas:
Apple cider
It is a popular traditional drink in Canada and the United States which is a bit tangier and generally pressed in local mills. This unsweetened and unfiltered beverage is made from apples and is a must-have for Christmas.

Bread pudding
It is a bread-based dessert which is made with bread, milk and eggs. It was originated in England but was also made in other countries during Christmas.

Cranberry sauce
Made out of cranberries, this sauce is served during Christmas in the United Kingdom with Roast Turkey.

This is also a popular creamy drink in the United States which is served during Christmas and other holidays. It is made with milk, sugar, eggs and cream and served chilled.

It is the most dominant food for Christmas and the festival is never complete without it. Different dry fruits, nuts and spices are added to the cake for extra flavour.

Irish stew
It is served in dinner during Christmas which originated in Ireland and is made with lamb meat and other seasonal root veggies. You can see certain variations in the stew according to its region.

This bread is flavoured with ginger and other spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, cloves and then sweetened with honey and sugar. Often, a creamy batter is used to make a cake out of it or some cookies.

Other traditional foods for Christmas
Some other traditional foods for Christmas are Diples, Hot Chocolate, Kransekeke, Lebkuchen, Roast Goose, Turkey, Glazed Ham, Panettone, Plum Christmas Pudding, Buche De Noel, Mincemeat, Chestnuts, etc.

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