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Mexico is a culturally rich country that knows how to handle festivities. Music, dance and so much food is the name of the game, particularly during Christmas festivities. 
During Christmas, families, and friends come together and enjoy each other’s company, with food playing a huge role in all of it. Considering that the Christmas celebration is special in each country, Mexico welcomes thousands of tourists each year who want to get a glimpse at their way of celebrating this festival.
However, there are many activities happening during Christmas in Mexico, but to get a feel of everything that goes on, you should hire the services of a tour guide, who will take you through each and every activity.
Here is a list of 10 of the most popular foods that Mexicans traditionally enjoy over Christmas:
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1. Tamales
Tamales are beautiful cornmeal dumplings with a variety of fillings inside them. Although they are very delicious, they can be quite time-consuming to prepare. Which is why the women only bring out the big guns and prepare them as a special holiday treat.
Preparing tamales is actually a whole thing, with several family members taking part in the process and assisting in their preparation. It really is the perfect holiday food in every sense of the word!
2. Ensalada de Noche Buena
Mexican Christmas Salad is a festive combination of colourful fruits and vegetables that are served every Christmas after dinner. The salad itself is usually the chef’s choice when it comes to the ingredients included, but it typically includes carrots, apples, oranges, lettuce, beets, pecans, and pineapple. Totally delicious!
3. Romeritos
Romeritos look like rosemary with its tiny green leaves. It is typically served during lent, but you can also eat it with shrimp cakes. It is very delicious!
4. Bacalao
Bacalao is dried and salted codfish. It is a popular Christmas treat and a huge part of Mexican tradition. It is mostly prepared with tomatoes, olives, potatoes, and capers, where the fish inside it is stewed.
5. Pozole
Pozole is a type of Mexican soup that is made from pork and/or chicken, then seasoned with chili and garlic. When served, it is popular to garnish it with lettuce or cabbage, avocado, and radishes.
It is a very filling Christmas meal that is made in huge batches, which is why it is one of the most famous party foods in Mexico.
6. Pavo
Pavo is a beautiful Mexican turkey recipe. If you did not know this fun fact, turkey is a bird that is native to Mexico. Which probably explains why over the years they have figured out ways to make it taste divine, as is the case with Pavo. The turkey is roasted or served with a rich sauce called mole, and it is so tasty you will be licking your fingers after you are done.
7. Ponche Navideno
This is a type of hot fruit punch that is made from Mexican hawthorn. Mexican hawthorn, natively known as tejocotes, looks like crab apples with very large pits and a distinct flavor. The drink can also have guavas and apples added in and flavoured with cinnamon.
It is best served extremely hot where you can warm your hands with the cup as you sip it. It is a very warming drink, perfect for cold Christmas nights.
8. Bunuelos
Bunuelos are crispy treats that look like tostadas, sprinkled with fine sugar or with syrup. It goes perfectly with a hot drink, and are massively popular during Christmas. One of the Mexican traditions around Bunuelos is smashing your clay plate on the ground and making a wish after you have enjoyed your Bunuelo.
When you walk through any Mexican market during the Christmas season, you will see many huge stacks of Bunuelos sold on the streets.
9. Rosca de Reyes
Rosca de Reyes is a kind of sweet bread which is served on Dia de Reyes, or the King’s Day, from which it gets its name. Although Dia de Reyes is celebrated on January 6th, Rosca de Reyes can be seen in bakeries from as early as Christmas time, and you can easily get your hands on this delicious treat then. It is basically a sweetened pastry with syrup and ground sugar and some caramelised sweet on top. Perfect for anyone with a sweet tooth!
10. Champurrado
If you want to brave the cold during Christmas time, Champurrado is the perfect partner to do it with. A steaming hot drink that jolts the nerves and keeps you warm and snuggly, it is very popular all over Mexico not only during Christmas but also during other cold months. It is also very delicious, you simply can’t help but finish the whole cup and ask for more!
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